Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Frugal Fashionista

Today I attended our local MOPS group of which I used to participate in. They thought I would be interested in their speaker this morning, and indeed I was. Her name is Karri Grant. She is a professional stylist as well as an "image & wardrobe consultant". However good her advice was, I didn't feel like most of it applied to her audience today. We are a MOTHERS OF PRESCHOOLERS group! I need to know how to be fashionable in my jeans and t-shirts that will inevitably have spit-up on them before 10AM!!!!

So, instead of griping (which sometimes I tend to do) I'm going to do three things.

#1. Share with you the valuable information she shared with us,

#2. Give you my two cents on Mommy Fashion, (and how to do it on on a dime!)

#3. Point you in a direction I think is better for you (my fellow Stay At Home Mommy!), for the environment and your wallet!


My "take aways" from Kari's talk:

1. We wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.
That's just silly! Why would we spend money on clothes and then not wear them? This figure needs to change if you want your wardrobe to be varied and fun. The key to changing it lies in purging your current wardrobe and then only adding things you will actually wear.

2. Your closet should have a 70%, 30% ratio. 70% of your items should be "basics" and only 30% should consist of trendy items.
This ensures that when you buy a quality basic item it will last you, and it will still be in style for more than three months.
3. Shop smart. Designers put their stuff for that season on sale in January/February & then in July/August.
I've always thought you needed to shop "off season" in the clearance sections, apparently that's not true (unless you want to get the deep discounts as they are trying to get rid of seasonal items to make room for next season!)

4. Never shop pushing a stroller.
When you shop with someone else, (even a friend) you will get frustrated and end up buying something you less than love.


Now, if you are like me, you really don't have time to shop for yourself and your wardrobe consists of what you "splurge"with and put in the cart at Target as you are picking up a box of diapers. Tips on how to take an outfit from "Day to Night" don't apply, because if I'm going out with the hubba hubba, I've got to scratch the outfit entirely and start over!

SO, with that being said I do think that I can offer you a few tips that will help "stretch" your dollar and your current wardrobe.

1. Accessorize. Costume jewelry either from a thrift store, or places like Walmart and Target don't really cost very much, and can take your plain Old Navy t-shirt from drab to fab. The same can be said of a nice cardigan, and a fun headband (found at the dollar bin at Target).

2. It's OKAY to look like a Mom!!!!! (As long as you don't look like your mom!) Right now, at this stage in life, it's who you are and it's okay to dress for the occasion. There are plenty of cute fashions that are comfy and practical too. Though my side bar has my fashion tips listed as "pearls and high heals", you don't see me wearing those very often.

3. It's more than okay to shop second hand. Thrift stores, and consignment shops are full of bargains waiting to be found. Brand name items for super cheap. (my favorite find as of late, a silk Banana Republic top in perfect condition for $2.00, original price: $87.00) I love my local thrift store because they have the "kids corner" within view of the ladies clothing. I can look through the racks while keeping my eyes on the kids playing and enjoying our "shopping experience". Plus, if I don't care for what I've purchased (which is not usually the case,) I've only spent a few bucks and the money goes to a charity that I LOVE!


So, for further advice that errs on the side of the "tightwad" that I am, with WAY more fashion sense than me, please direct your attention to : Juniper * James! She's cute, she's sassy, she's comfortable, and she conscientious. She shops mainly at thrift stores, and you would never guess by looking at her pictures. Life is more than fashion. It's about not taking from the earth more than we can give back. If we purchase new clothing and toss the old stuff, what's the lesson we are teaching our kids? Thrifting is Green (and fun!). I encourage you to take the time to read through some of her great posts on thrifty fashion, and challenge you to make the most of what you have! New is not always better...

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Katie said...

I LOVE this, Amy!!! Such wisdom. You are so delightfully down-to-earth. =)

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