Monday, April 5, 2010

Grocery Shopping Again

Today I was at the grocery store and I was standing in the bulk foods section when I overheard someone exclaiming over the prices.  So as not to eavesdrop, I asked if they were "first time bulk buyers".  They weren't but they were new to that section of the bulk foods.  It started a delightful conversation about mixes and how to do things a bit healthier.  I pointed them in the direction of the recipe zaar.  They were delighted!  (As was I! I really like helping others especially when it comes to the area of food.)  I mentioned my blog and they asked for the address... how sweet!

It made me reflective.  This blog is entitled "Homemaker In Training".  I am just that; a homemaker and I am certainly still in training.  It seems like there is something new to learn every day.  Whether it be lessons from my beautiful children, a new way to save money, a tip on how to clean something more efficiently or simply a way to get my thoughts out of this foggy brain, this blog has become an outlet for me. A true blessing.  There are SO many beautiful women daily taking to their keyboards imparting words of wisdom for the world to read.  I feel honored to be a part of it.

I was looking at the Google Reader on my igoogle page and as I added some of my favorite bloggers I made an observation: I have one sweet follower, my dear friend on this path has 250 followers being blessed, this woman of God has 2,319 readers drawing strength and encouragement, and 43,416 get their daily dose of laughter and RDA of calories in one cinnamon roll from this gorgeous woman.  No matter how many or how few subscribed followers I am certain that each of these woman do what they do for one reason and one reason only: To Bless.  And they do.

So thank you, again, for teaching me so much.  For letting me learn each stumbling step at a time!

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