Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Little Overwhelmed

Today I had the privilege of speaking at a Mom's group in Elk Grove, CA. They are a group of just beautiful mommies! I felt so honored to be able to share with them a little bit about being "thrifty". Not knowing which area they wanted me to focus on I just did a general overview of what it means to be a "tightwad"! I was a bit nervous and didn't know if I'd be able to fill the hour and fifteen minutes allowed me, however it didn't take long for them to put me totally at ease and I quickly gabbed my way through our time together.
Some sweet Facebook friends mentioned they wanted my notes so I thought I would highlight a few of the points that I have featured here on my blog:
1. It's about how you think...you must control your money or your money will control you!
2. It's about resources and research. The more you know and research about saving money, the more resources you will have available to you for tightwadding in so many different areas.
3. A few areas I've found to trim budget items are,
Grocery/Meal Planning

Speaking today has renewed within me a desire to share more of these thrifty ideas with you all. I hope to share more recipes, more tips, and more shortcuts to save you both time and money!
Happy Tightwadding!

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elk grove mama in motion said...

thank you so much Amy! I really enjoyed your stories and all the great tips.

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