Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~Bringing Back The Apron~

A while back I wrote a post about aprons for my "Throwback Thursdays".  It seems that in some ways wearing an apron has gone out of style.  It used to be that no woman would step into her kitchen in her June Cleaver dress, pearls and high heels without an apron on.  Maybe our clothes are a bit more washable, maybe our kitchen time is a little more limited, or maybe we've just stepped away from the need for aprons.  Whatever the case may be, I'm ready to bring back the apron!

Pictured above are some of my aprons, each has a tale to tell.  The first, a brown print with large pockets is one that I made as a young girl when I was first learning to sew.  The second is my first listing on Etsy, and is ready to be purchased by a homemaker in training like myself! The third was my apron as a child. (I plan to pattern it and offer Mother/Daughter aprons like this in my store!)  The fourth was Grandma Colleen's.  Countless hours were spent in this apron preparing meals for her loving husband and three growing kids in her tiny house there in Tehachapi California. Every time I tie it on, I can picture her covered in flour and grease making biscuits and gravy for Christmas morning...  The fifth apron was an impulse!  I was anxious to get started making aprons for my Etsy store (simple stitching) but I didn't have any real fabric to speak of, so I made it out of a bed skirt! And the final half apron was my prototype with my signature "peek-a-boo bow"!

As you can tell I'm very excited about this new venture and it may take some of my time away from blogging, but in this The Year of No, I pray it will aid us in being free of our burden!

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Dawnette Thomas said...

Aprons are a sense of home. They envelope love, care and protection for one's family. Thank you for bringing back the apron.

I love it!

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