Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Great Hair Tells Me....

Today I fear I'm going to greatly embarrass my mom. She recently gave me a bunch of pictures to scan in the computer and hopefully scrapbook. This picture of her is one of my all time favorites! Pictured with her is my oldest sister and my brother (who greatly favors my son in this picture).

But what I most wanted to point out was my mom's great hair!

Isn't it the coolest? She worked as a hair stylist full time when she graduated from high school and then cosmetology school.  I think it's evident in how incredibly perfect her hair is in this picture.  I wish it were in full color so you could see the great highlights as well, but the black and white also lends to the nostalgic quality of this photo.  Every time I look at this picture I swell up with pride.  That's MY mom!  At the time a single mother of two small children, & she took the time to do her hair and look her best.  (And not just for the picture! She looked like this all the time... amazing!)  She inspires me to do better and to do more.
  It makes me reflect not just on my own hairdo (90% of the time, a ponytail.) but also what my kids will think when they look back on "old" photos of me  The song Legacy comes to my mind and it reminds me that this job I have is so much bigger than me; so much bigger than the here and now. When I look into the eyes of my oldest child I see myself reflected back in a mirror image that is 26 years younger, 26 years more innocent, 26 years more child like, and I wonder what will she be thinking as she approaches her 32nd birthday? Sometimes I marvel at how my biggest accomplishment so far in this life has happened so completely outside of me!!! He is so faithful.  No matter what my hair looks like, or how not put together I feel sometimes,
 if I leave a legacy in this world it will not be because of me; it will be in spite of me!

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