Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

When reflecting on Mother's Day my thoughts initially always drift the same way... One Day just doesn't seem like enough.  I think about all that a mother does working hard to maintain balance and peace, providing nurture and nutrition, stability and strength.  A Mother's job is 24/7 from the moment of conception till she passes from this world.  It's tireless and stressful and some might say that it's a thankless job.  One Day.  It doesn't seem like enough does it?

But then I think about the moment I became "momma" for the first time, second time and third time.  I remember feeling the life within me stretching me more than just literally.  The tears of joy at seeing their sweet faces.  The snuggles, random hugs, scribbled notes, "surprise" creations, thankful prayers directed each night beginning with "Thank You for my mommy..." and the countless little things that happen each and every day and I am overwhelmed by the joy that I find in my job.  And I realize that Mother's Day can come and go without notice because my thanks come in the form of those "little things"; his fingers curled around mine, that she comes to me first when she's hurting, that exclamation of "Momma, you're the BEST!" when I simply pull a homemade popsicle from the freezer. 365 days a year from now till the day I die it will be "Mother's Day".

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