Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Accomplishment

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May 22nd 1941

She walked across a stage while others looked on.  
There's no way to fathom the pride that welled up inside of her as she was handed her high school diploma and shook hands with the man who placed it in her possession. No way to know the people that ran through her mind, who was in the crowd or who she made eye contact with when she felt nervous.  No way to know the lasting impact this day would have on her.

But I do know this.  In her day and time she was a minority.  To stick to it and graduate from high school was not as common as it is today.  The odds were stacked against her from the beginning and my Grandma pushed through.  She scoffed at the idea of not graduating.  She is an over-comer.

At my graduation she cried.  I didn't know why until later she and I had a moment to talk.  She hugged me tight, and in spite of the crowded hustle and bustle all around us she spoke this to me,

"I am so proud of you and all my grandchildren.  You are my grand~baby, and you are the last of my 13 to graduate. I graduated from high school you know, and now I'm so proud that I've lived long enough to see all 13 of my grand~babies graduate too."

There it is... did you catch it?


That is why she worked so hard to graduate from high school, to leave a lasting legacy.  One that she knew would begin with her!

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