Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ California Bound

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It's January of 1942 and the newlyweds begin the long trip to sunny California.  I know the thought crossed her mind at least once or twice, "What was I thinking?" You see, it wasn't just her and her husband in the car out for a Sunday drive now.  It was a new father-in-law, and three brothers-in-law, her and her groom all piled into the Chevy for days upon days.  Not like road trips of today, it took them a long time as they would drive town to town, working as needed to earn money for food, gasoline, and shelter.  The second World War was in full force and rations were scarce, gasoline and rubber two of the resources they needed most in their journey, were at a premium.
Though they knew it would not be their final destination the family stopped in Calexico, California to work and save up money to continue on.  The men were able to get shift work at a factory there.  Grandma knew it was a blessing that they were able to find jobs.  And though it meant them all taking turns sleeping in their one bed, she was grateful.

A problem arose however when she realized that she didn't have a clock to wake them up for their next shift.  Any and all metal was being used for the war and clocks were not allowed. What to do?  It was during one of their trips into Mexico that the solution presented itself.  While shopping across the border they happened upon a clock!  Knowing it would be confiscated if they tried to bring it home, Grandpa turned off the alarm and fastened it to the bottom of the car!
Thanks to his creative thinking they made it over the border and to work on time!

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