Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Embraced

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Mamma is gone.

The depth of sorrow, the mourning of a child, the injustice of death.  
These are the things we ponder and yet what can be done?  
Life continues on
 ...the farm still has to be worked, the laundry done, 
meals prepared, big brothers to care for, school to be attended...

Strength.  Where hers came from I'm unsure.  Maybe it was her uncertain beginning, that carried her through.  Maybe it was sheer determination of her own will (the baby of the family often times carries that trait).  All I know is that the woman I call my Grandma found the desire deep down inside her to not give up despite the odds.

Step-father re-marries wedging her into a "Cinderella" situation.  
Older brothers, bruised and angry find ways to make it on their own.  
And the young woman is left alone.
Where to go?  What to do?
Who to trust?

The kindness of strangers.  (Believers? I would imagine so)  They open their homes and their hearts wide.  In town, near the school, women so sweet and loving she eventually started calling one "Mom Kersey".  This was no short term solution, this was an adoption without the legalities.  For about seven years my Grandmother was in their homes.  She wanted to earn her keep, so she cleaned house for them and others to pay for room and board.  Why? Because she wanted to go to school.  She wanted education.  She wanted a future.

Determination. Strength. Hard Work.  These are the words that describe the next phase in my Grandma's life.  One that should not be overlooked, but embraced just as she was!

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