Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Homecoming

November 26, 1945

A day she will never forget.
This is the part of the story that warms me through and through.  The war was over, and he was coming home. They dared to hope, and their hope was rewarded. They would exchange dimes at last. His precious baby girl that he last saw at ten days old was now 27 months & Donny, just shy of four years old.  
Grandma wasn't going to be alone anymore.  The life that they began together would finally settle in to something "normal".  Can you feel the anticipation? It's almost tangible to me.
Maybe she met him at a train station, maybe at the bus depot or possibly at an airport nearby.  The details are not important... what matters is that he came to her.  I would imagine their embrace lasted forever and their kiss could not contain the passion their hearts held.  He was home. A decorated war hero.  With 6 honors to his name.

::Good Conduct Medal
::World War 2 Victory Medal
::Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal
::Philippine Liberation Ribbon
::Bronze Star
::Lapel Button, given to sharp shooters

Her Wayne.  Different, changed by war, but home.

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