Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Model T

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My Grandma sometimes says "You wouldn't believe the things I've seen in my lifetime!"  And she's absolutely right.  Born in 1921 my Grandma has seen 15 United State's Presidents.  She's seen telephones go from being a novelty, to a party line, to rotary, to touch tone, to cordless, to now most everyone has a device in their pocket that is not just a phone, but a computer as well!  Can you even imagine?

I love to hear my Grandmother tell me the story of her first car ride.  I've heard the story probably a dozen times, but whenever she starts this particular narrative she has my full attention!

(creative liberty taken with details my Grandma didn't include!)

It was a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary.  A school day.  Morning chores finished, lunch pail packed and the wagon loaded with three children headed for the school.  I imagine the snort of the horse, the dust stirred by the wheels on the wagon, and the smile the crept across Grandma's little face as her older brother heard the sound of the car.  A model T.  Maybe he heard it a little ways out, maybe not.  But being all boy, he lifted the reigns and gave the horse a bit more encouragement.  Glancing over his shoulder he took note of how far behind the car was.  Certainly his horse was faster than that contraption of a car! Besides he was not going to be bested by a teacher who was a young woman! Faster the horse pulled the buggy, faster the car gained its speed, approaching steadily.  And as happens when haste is pursued over safety, the little horse and wagon ran off the road and into the ditch!
The teacher kindly stopped and picked up Grandma and her brother escorting them to school in her Model T, while the eldest fixed the wheel and possibly dusted off his pride!

At this, my Grandma always chuckles.  And when I say chuckle, I mean it literally.  I love to watch her laugh because it's a full body experience!  She's always bounced her shoulders and patted her leg when something really tickles her and it warms me through to see her still get a laugh out of a story that took place oh so long ago!

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