Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Remembering

As we get closer to the end of  our 31 Days, I get to the part of writing about Grandma that I enjoy the most.  I love it because it's thinking back on my childhood and my memories of Grandma and Grandpa and the farm where they lived.  I love them because they're mine.  My memories.  Not told by another and I have to imagine in the details, but what really happened from my smaller self perspective.
For example, my dad speaks of the tomato fields that used to be across from the farm and how he would sneak the salt shaker and linger in the tomato fields eating ripe from the vine tomatoes.  I have no recollection of these things, but I do remember playing hide and seek with my sister.  And though the barn was to scary to hide in I did lay under the grape vines hidden by the tall grasses and the vines that grew long.  I remember laying there smelling the earth and the sweet smell of grapes.  Tiny white grapes, sweet and juicy.  I remember forgetting all about hide and seek and just resting and eating.  That's what I remember.
I remember Grandma's long painted fingernails and the tap tap tap sound they made on the table as we played family games together.  Or how she could shuffle cards like no other, which was amazing to me as a child.  Or how she always shook her glass right before taking a drink, clinking the ice around to chill her beverage just a little more on those hot summer days.
These are just a few of my memories of Grandma...

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