Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Wedding Bells

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Oh how I wish I had my Grandma and Grandpa's wedding picture!  I'm sure it's buried in a box somewhere a midst the many treasures of her past.  I don't ever recall seeing it though, even when she and Grandpa were still at the old farm.  I remember lots of other pictures in the hall way and displayed throughout their home. (but I suppose when you've been married as long as they were you have plenty of other pictures to display!)

They dated for less than a year.  When the time came to move from Oklahoma, Grandma was either in or she was out.  She opted for the adventure and tied the knot with Grandpa.
The wedding was not a large affair, but it was certainly a celebration.  
On December 20th 1941 they said I do.  
She was 19 years young and he was only 25.  They had a number of young friends that were dedicated to making their wedding day something to remember!  As was the custom back then, after the wedding was over but before they could go to the reception their friends separated them on the grounds of "Charivari" or better known as Shivaree!  They took them to separate locations and made them play silly games, and pulled pranks on them (one of those being the removal of labels from their canned goods!)  When the fun and games had ended or rather, when Grandma and Grandpa had finally had enough, Grandpa was made to push Grandma in a wheel barrow back to the reception!  All in good fun, these memories made for many laughs in years to come.
I asked Grandma one time if she was angry that they had taken the labels off of her food supply.(after all, times were tough and canned foods were not cheap.)
She simply answered, "Nah, it just made dinner that much more fun! Every night was a surprise.  Didn't know if you were gonna get green beans with dinner or peaches!"

...That's my Grandma for you...

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