Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~Dimes

It was time. 
Grandpa had joined the Army and was being sent to Fort Ord.  Little Donny was 18 months and Grandma was pregnant again.  I'm sure life was a little bit overwhelming for Grandma. as she thought about him leaving.  So when Grandpa made these dimes and placed them in her hands I wonder the emotion that flooded her .  His had her birth year.  Hers had his birth year.  He had drilled holes in them and put an extra link in hers so it would hang nicely on the delicate chain around her neck.  His had to be a bit larger in order to fit on the chain with his dog tags.  The hope was to exchange them again once he came back.  They knew the odds were not in their favor,  but they dared to hope, and this was a sign of that hope.

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luv2bontheroad said...

Hi sweetheart, this is Dad. I've been reading your postings over the past several days. You have done a great job of condensing the emotion and love of lives lived during extremely difficult times into some wonderful comments! When I remember talking to my parents about their times of growing up together and their early married lives, it always brings me a great deal of pride. You have done the same thing with these writings. THANK YOU. Dad.

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