Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~Expansion

So Grandpa came home in November of 1945.  They wasted no time in getting back to life as they knew it, and in November of 1946, my dad was born.  Two years later they added another daughter.  Now a family of six, their life was full, and their family quickly expanding.  Grandpa's dad was living with them as well, so their small home in the town of Stockton was quite cozy. 
What was life like for her as she raised her four young children?  Donny starting school, Mary trying to be the "big girl", Dale toddling about the house, and baby Lois needing a bottle every few hours!  She must have been exhausted.  And yet, compared to all that she has been through this is such a small trial. She knew this, and took it all in stride.

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