Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~Sweet hearts

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She and Roy had dated a few times.
He had a brother...and she had a friend.  They thought it only reasonable to arrange a double date.
A picnic, a country drive in the old Chevy, Cokes, burgers, maybe a movie at the cinema or a drive in movie, any of those could have been the scenario for this blind date.  I picture grandma and her girlfriend getting ready.  Curls, high heels, and lots of laughs.
The theater near their home (built in 1927)
The boys pull up in the car and butterflies tickle tummies.  Introductions are made and the date follows, but over the course of the evening the sparks don't fly between the set up blind date.  Grandma's friend didn't make a love connection with young Wayne.  And though Grandma and Roy and gone before, there was a smolder burning with someone else.  You see she left that night with Roy, but when she came back she was with Wayne.  To hear her tell it, they "switched partners"!  Wayne, handsome, hard working, muscles as hard as rocks Wayne.  I don't know if Roy was too distracted by Grandma's friend to even take notice of the fact that his girl had her eyes trained on his brother, but that's how I picture it.  Two couples each sitting side by side, but making eye contact across the table wondering how this would all play out! Oh to have seen the events of that evening take place!
Here is what I know and have gleaned from hearing that story over and over.  That night, my Grandma met an amazing man.  They fancied one another something fierce, and then they held on for the ride.  Life would take Grandma and Grandpa on an amazing adventure, and they went on that journey from that day forward together.  I'm excited to share with you where life took them over the next few years...

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