Thursday, January 26, 2012

Family Favorites and Give Away Day!

As you know, if I have a favorite recipe it's hard for me to keep it to myself.  Over the past two years of blogging the thing I've shared the most with you is recipes.  Today is no different.
From oldest to youngest I give you... Our (S.A.D.(Standard American Diet) Family Favorites!

Aaron~ Frito Chili Pie
This consists of opening a can of chili (We tend to eat Nalley Turkey Chili), heating it in the microwave and serving it over Fritos, with cheese sprinkled on top.  I'm not sure why it's one of his favorites, but it is.  Sometimes when I've got a "girls night out" I will leave this for him to share with the kids.  This way he's the "junk food hero" and I don't have to eat it!!! Win, Win, Win.

Amy~Thai Glazed Lettuce Wraps. Heavenly, just heavenly! But let me mention briefly it's the FRESH basil that makes this can eat it without, but why would you?

Grace~ One of my favorite dinners is fish, rice, and broccoli.
I love that this is her favorite dinner.  She asks for it on her birthday.  It's so simple, and fairly healthy.  I use tilapia fillets baked with lemon pepper on them.  I used to use a simple boxed rice pilaf and then just lightly steam the broccoli.

Noraa~ Breakfast for Dinner! Pancakes with Butter on them!
When I'm feeling really "foody" I make these from Tyler Florence... mmmm.

Sam~  Family Pizza Night.  (Pizza crust recipe here)
Now it's time for a Give Away!
Don't you just love something for free?  I know I do, especially when I know it's something that's going to truly benefit my family.  Today is the day you get a chance at winning your very own copy of "The What's For Dinner Solution!" by Kathi Lipp.
I'll share with you the number one thing I gleaned from her book, (besides all the great recipes) and you get to tell me your favorite source or website for recipes!
I'd been making my own "recipe book" for a while, so when I came across the idea in TWFDS, I felt so affirmed and it renewed my desire to get things organized!  In chapter 5 Kathi shares her version of how to organize your recipes in a fun and unique way.  Why should you have 40 cook books on hand when you only use a few recipes from each of them?  Why not compile your most used recipes all in one handy place?  Since creating my own "cook book" I rarely reach for my other books and have scaled my collection down significantly.
Please know it may take a bit of time up front, but it is well worth it in the long run.

So now it's YOUR turn!  In the comments below please share your favorite way to find new recipes.  It can be purchasing cook books at yard sales, or asking your grandmother, or looking it up online.  Whatever your method may be, share it below for a chance to win one of two copies of The "What's for Dinner?" Solution!!  Winners will be chosen at random and announced on Monday's Menu post!

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Online. :)
-Suzy Snow

Adelle Gabrielson said...

I can honestly say that we also have every one of those in our standard fare except for (but not for long) the lettuce wraps. On my list to try! Yummmy! Our favorite pizza crust is a Bobby Flay recipe...

Smith Family said...

I'll share two of my favorites for recipes. The first is the Food Network Magazine. It is full of recipes and helpful tips.

The second is The Pioneer Woman blog. Every recipe I have tried is easy and so good! And I love to read her commentary while she is making the recipe.


Courtney said...

Online, Betty Crocker Cookbook, and the Hungry Girl Cookbook. =)

Barbara Joy Ford said...

My favorite way to find a new recipe is to look for ideas online - even download some recipes - and then play around with variations until they're something I really like :-).

But I have to admit that I LOVE beautiful cookbooks, and I have three shelves full of them. Once in awhile I pull out the best ones and page through them (again) in search of new things to try.

Wendy Power said...

If I'm bored and want to try something new, I grab my America's Test Kitchen, CookWise, or BakeWise cookbooks and browse. I have a Picky Eater in the house, so it can be a challenge! If I have specific ingredients for which I need to find a good recipe, I'll search online. For fun, I leaf through my old AWP cookbook and imagine Rick's reaction to all those buffet supper casseroles and jello salads.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

My cookbooks- and you're so right! I only use a handful out of each one, but try to mix it up every month and pick three new recipes to try. Thanks for this opportunity, friend! xo

Anonymous said...

You all have lots of good ideas....It sure makes life easier to keep a file of all your "tried and proved" recipes but I always like to do some browsing on the Internet or through my small collection of different cookbooks published by church ladies for a change of pace.

The Homemaker said...

**Anonymous, Thank you for commenting! I'd love to enter you into the drawing, but I will need to have your name in order to do so!

Kori said...

I receive several different recipe newsletter emails...many geared toward healthy eating.

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