Friday, January 27, 2012

Getting Your Kitchen to Work for You

Remember the Jetsons?  ~sigh~  Jane had it made didn't she?  Simply push a button and the "flying pizza" would appear on the table ready to eat.  (Though I'm sure it couldn't have been nearly as good at THE Flying Pie!)
When Kathi told me that today's challenge was to get your kitchen to "work for you", I've got to admit the Jetsons was my first thought!  Not only did she have the technology of her time, but also the lovely Rosey the Robot to help out.

Well, I may not have Rosey or the cool "push button dinner server", but I do have something that takes the cake on this one. 
... I have a Bosch...

I know, I know, "What's a Bosch?" you say...!

Oh dear friends, I want to tell you about my machine.  My husband says that getting one of these is a "right of passage" in my family.  It's when a Coate girl knows she's be come a woman!  I grew up with my mom using one, so I never really thought much about it.  Then I was gifted mine from my parents when I married 9 1/2 years ago.  

You see, the Bosch company didn't really start by making mixers.  Innovations.  This was the beginnings.  Today in addition to their mixers they make mostly power tools and car parts.  I'm gonna say that again.  They make Power Tools, and Car Parts.  Those are big engines folks strong, powerful, durable engines.  My mom still uses the Bosch she bought in 1983!! (Here is where my father would make the "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" grunting noise... and I would roll my eyes!)

I just can't talk enough about it.  One of my favorite features is the fact that there are different attachments, so this one machine can do lots of different things. It comes with the large bowl, dough hooks and beaters, as well as the blender.  I have the citrus juicer, which is lovely since we have two orange trees in our back yard. Home made OJ is a snap and oh so good! I also have the food processor which comes with the processor blade and the grater/slicer blades as well.  There are also attachments like the pasta maker, the meat grinder, the fruit and berry press, and so many more

This my dear friends is an investment in your culinary sanity! 
So what about you?  What's your favorite kitchen gadget?  What do you own that helps you get dinner on the table?  
Leave your comments below and let me know what works for you!

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luv2bontheroad said...

Yep, still lovin my Bosch! Even with all the kids gone from home, I still frequently put it to good use. Seems nothing can slow it down. Years ago a friend and I were making Peanut Butter cookies for VBS, we QUADRUPLED the recipe and it never even slowed it down. It can make/knead enough bread dough for 4 loaves of bread. A big investment but you'll have it for life. Mom

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