Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wait...Where Did Monday Go?

Here I sit at my computer, Sleepy Time Tea steaming in front of me Skittles in a cup to my left and a pile of "To Do's" on my right.  I'm blogging and setting up draft posts for next week when I participate in the Five Day Blogger Challenge with my friend Kathi.  And then it hits me.  It's WEDNESDAY!  I didn't post my menu on Monday, and it's already Wednesday!  This week has been glorious as far as food goes.  I've been very pleased with my selections.  The fact that it didn't even occur to me until tonight that I needed to post them for you kind of disturbs me.
So without further ado or frills, I post for you an almost finished week of meal plans!

Monday: Cheese Enchiladas
Tuesday: Ravioli Soup
Wednesday: Fried Rice and Gyoza
Thursday: Tilapia, Rice and Broccoli (My oldest's favorite meal)
Friday: Family Pizza Night
  The other day my best friend messaged me and asked for my pizza crust recipe. It took me a while to realize that I haven't posted it here yet!  So, here's my recipe for Simple Pizza Crust!

Linking to Menu Plan Monday again this week!

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Crystal said...

Family pizza night is a favorite at our house. Sometimes we make one large pizza and sometimes I divvy up the dough and let everyone make a personal pizza. My kids love that.

I would love for you to share your meal planning tips and simple dinner ideas on our meme:

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