Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Documenting Progress

Well, I watched another documentary.  
When my daughter asked me if I was watching another movie about food and I answered her "yes", her response of "OH, NO!!!" was a not so subtle reminder to me that I was repeating history.
When I was 16, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my right hip joint.  My mom, prompted by our chiropractor, read a book about healthy eating and how it affects your body.  We stopped eating meat.  Then she read a book about the McDougal plan.  We stopped eating dairy as well.  Another book, and we started limiting our fat and salt intake.  I remember saying to her, "MOM!!!! Please stop reading! The more you read the less we eat!"-and I was serious!
So when I recently watched some documentaries that have made me second guess our eating habits, I wondered if there was truly something to what my mom had read [not] so many years ago.
This latest documentary was available for a short time to view free online.  (It ends today, so if you happen to catch it in time PLEASE watch it!) It's called Fresh.  If you don't see it today, then I hope you get to see it another time.  It makes you want to sell all you have and buy a family farm.  Well, that's what it did for me anyway!
Too many times, we just don't take note of how our food gets to our tables.  I'm sorry folks, but ignorance in this area is not's death. You must care about what goes into your body.  You must care about how it is prepared.  It's not just about your body but about our world.
A while ago I had second thoughts about getting chickens (the law has recently changed to allow us to have three laying hens) but this movie sealed the deal.  I can't wait to introduce you to our newest additions and let you follow the progress of our coop building!

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