Monday, February 1, 2010

Childrens Book Monday

My dear friend Elise reviews a children's book each Monday. The library has so much to offer that it's a joy each week to read about her discoveries as well as the ones we make on our weekly trips! Well, today she said that it's our turn!

So, here we go!

We have renewed this book the library maximum of three times (which means we've had it for almost 9 weeks!) and it is the book all three of my kids reach for when I say, "okay guys, everyone pick a library book and head to the couch!" It's Jan Brett's On Noah's Ark. Her writing and illustrations hold even my 16 month olds attention. The illustrations are similar to her classic story of The Mitten, where each page has smaller "snapshots" of the story on the sides. This small detail captivates my children. She tells the story of the flood from the perspective of Noah's grandson. He watches the animals boarding the ark, helps where he's needed and even lets his grandpa send out his dove to look for land. Beautifully told and beautifully illustrated, this book is one to add to your library list!

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Kathi said...

we love jan brett's the mitten, haven't read this one though.thank you for sharing.

love your simple and seem's like everyone is getting so "cluttery" lately.

have a great week


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