Wednesday, July 14, 2010

R & R

My eyes fluttered open this morning and I breathed deep. Reaching over to check the time on my phone I smiled as a number that I normally see come and go quickly in the midst of daily routine shone brightly from my screen. Then another unexpected joy as the phone vibrated alive with a "face time" request from my man. Ignoring my puffy eyes I quickly answered to see that he too was still in bed 145 miles away. He was enjoying "sleep in day" at youth camp, and I was enjoying "sleep in day" here at my local mom and dad's house! (Sometimes it's the little things in life!)

I feel like I've been absent lately. Not just in word, but in mind too. I have a blog post in the draft section entitled "Similarities Between My Blog and My Baby." They seem like they both take a lot of time, energy and brain power. Sometimes I wonder if I really have it in me. I look at the women that blog daily and they seem like Super Mom to me. They can do it all! I love sharing recipes, tips that I've picked up, random thoughts and my joys of being a homemaker. And then other days I think about blogging and feel about it the way I feel when I have to change another poopy diaper...drudgery.

So, for today, for now, (maybe just for summer), I'm giving myself permission to take some R & R. A chance to step back and not be on a schedule that pressures me into staring at this glowing screen pondering what to write.
I'll see you when I see you, when the muse comes my way. In the mean time please feel free to search through the archives! There's plenty there!

This post part of Tuesday's Unwrapped!

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Kerilyn said...

I am right there with you, Amy! I have not posted anything on our family blog in QUITE a while and I'm attributing it to all the fun (and crazy) days of summer!! We'll give you a pass! :-)

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