Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~ Pain

This is by far the hardest post to write in my 31 day series.
It is the unmentionable.  It's the taboo topic.  It's the darkest time in her life.

She had known pain in her life time, loosing a mother, an abusive step-father, working to put herself through school, fear of dying in childbirth...she was certainly no stranger to heartache.

But I promise you, nothing compares to the pain she experienced the day she found out her daughter had been killed in an automobile accident.   Mary was 38, and Grandma was 61, but age truly has nothing to do with it.  No matter how old, your children will forever be your baby.  Mary's death changed her.  The sparkle in her eyes dimmed, the full body chuckle was not so full, and the sorrow was not touched by the alcohol consumed.

The sentiments of all who have dealt with this kind of loss were expressed as my dad and Grandpa went to visit the grave site a year after her passing.  My Grandpa, the strong silent type, succumbed to sobbing and uttered these words, "It just isn't supposed to happen this way.  The child is not supposed to die before the parent.  It is just too much to bear.  This type of hurt is just too deep."

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