Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom

Day 1: Grandma's Wisdom
Day 2: Grandma's Wisdom~Birth
Day 3: Grandma's Wisdom~ Carnival
Day 4: Grandma's Wisdom~ Model T
Day 5: Grandma's Wisdom~Tragedy
Day 6: Grandma's Wisdom~ Wash Day
Day 7: Grandma's Wisdom~Nothing
Day 8: Grandma's Wisdom~ Embraced
Day 9: Grandma's Wisdom~ Accomplishment
Day 10: Grandma's Wisdom~Sweethearts
Day 11: Grandma's Wisdom~ Proposal
Day 12: Grandma's Wisdom~ Wedding Bells
Day 13: Grandma's Wisdom~ California Bound
Day 14: Grandma's Wisdom~ Tacos
Day 15: Grandma's Wisdom~ Work
Day 16: Grandma's Wisdom~ New Life
Day 17: Grandma's Wisdom~ Dimes
Day 18: Grandma's Wisdom~ Fort Ord
Day 19: Grandma's Wisdom~Scare
Day 20: Grandma's Wisdom~ Alone
Day 21: Grandma's Wisdom~ Homecoming
Day 22: Grandma's Wisdom~Expansion
Day 23: Grandma's Wisdom~ Land
Day 23: Grandma's Wisdom~ R&R
Day 24: Grandma's Wisdom~ Pain
Day 25: Grandma's Wisdom~ Smells Like Roses
Day 26: Grandma's Wisdom~ Persimmons
Day 27: Grandma's Wisdom~ Early Bird
Day 28: Grandma's Wisdom~ Remembering
Day 29
Day 30
Day 31: Grandma's Wisdom~The Best Time

I had no idea what I wanted to do for the 31 days of writing in October.  I've wanted to participate because I've been feeling the pull to write again.  And yet I had resigned myself to not sharing in this time with so many beautiful women and writers simply because I lacked something to say. 

               Then today I had a conversation with her.

This is her with my firstborn

My Grandma  

She turns 90 next week, so my kids and I drove down to take her a birthday cake and celebrate with her today.  As she spoke I realized what I needed to do.  I needed to share her wisdom; her story.

You see, my Grandma in many ways is just like any other 90 year old woman.  She is foggy on details and has a hard time getting around these days.  But unlike other 90 year old women she has shared with me over the years stories that she loves to tell over and over.  Some of them sweet, some of them sad, others are funny and others that show the great wisdom that only comes from living through what she has lived through.

So my prayer is that over the next 31 days, in the month of her birth, I will be able to share with you some of my Grandma's Wisdom.  Stories that she loves to share.  Will you join me?

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Healthy Branscoms said...

I miss my Grandma so much! :( Great post!

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